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Set up a dedicated business account using your domain

Ok so you have your awesome wedding business idea – check!…… you have chosen your even more amazing business name – check!…… now it’s time to start marketing yourself and believe it or not your email address that you have on your website / facebook page / give out to new customers is super important.

Now is the time to set up a new dedicated email account which is just for your business and separate from your personal emails.  Along with this it’s time to have a professional looking email address that makes sense with respect to your business.  Imagine if you were planning a wedding and met with a lovely wedding professional who then gave you their email address of – now seriously what would you think?  I know it might seem laughable but I have seen these pop up all to frequently when working with new businesses and trust me – couples notice this.

I get that for some of us we don’t have the budget right away for setting up a hosted domain which then comes with the free professional email address of / and that’s totally cool, I get that and couples get that also.  Although this of course would be my recommended choice for emails, the second best would be or something similar to that.  Even though the couples can see it’s a “free email” that you are working from, it gives more of a professional edge, that will in turn instil more confidence in you as a wedding professional than using a generic email address which looks more like a personal email address you have had since you first set up email as a teenager.

With services such as gmail it does allow you to have a professional email address that you can check online at any time and you can then sort your emails into specific folders etc and even set up a professional email signature.  

My only other food for thought to share though is I have found over the years that emails such as do have a tendency to wind up in peoples junk folders.  They also do such a great job of filtering emails coming into your own account that many legit wedding enquiries can turn up in junk folders of holders so be sure to check your own junk folders daily and if you are finding people aren’t replying to your emails it may be time to move to a professional

If you are looking at setting up a hosted website and having your own .com or this will allow you to have a certain number of email addresses depending on your hosting agreement.  Initially you may use just one email address as most of us set up as a one person show – so common ones these days are hello@ or hi@, alternatively it could be enquiries@ orders@ bookings@ depending on the nature of your business.  For those who are a one person show and wish to have a more personal approach many will simply use their firstname@.  All of these are are really great professional options that beat an obscure free email address that makes no correlation to your business.

If you are looking at setting up a hosted website and don’t have a clue how to go about it or would like some advice on hosting companies please don’t hesitate to drop me a line (and I promise wont judge if you send it from your current free email! 🙂

Set up a dedicated business email account using your domain - wedding business start up