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Start taking action to increase motivation - business coaching

I recently went down the rabbit hole on YouTube (which is a common occurrence of my mine) and found myself watching some great interviews with Mark Manson – the guy who wrote The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck.  Anyways, a theory he was discussing was one of those A-Ha moments for me and I wanted to share it with you too….

I don’t know about you but one of my biggest challenges can be maintaining or even finding motivation in a world that is so full of opportunities which seem to allow overwhelm to creep in and mess with our heads so quickly.  I’m constantly working on new ways to keep myself motivated or create motivation within myself.   Then I heard some amazing words that really rung true to me.

We often think that we need to get motivated first, which will then cause us to take action on whatever it is that we need to be doing, or should be doing instead of procrastinating away.

However what if it were that the simple taking of action was what actually created inspiration and then a sense of motivation within us?

To add to this Mark also suggests that an easy way to start taking action is for us to “trick our brain” into getting started with a small step – so it could be as simple as “self, I’ll sit down and work on that task but only for 30 seconds, or 5 minutes or whatever it may be”.  It could be “I’ll take myself off to my office, but there’s no pressure to do anything, I’ll just go there”.  However in the act of taking action, we in turn start to fuel that motivation fire within us without even realising.  So when we tell ourselves that there’s no pressure or expectation, just 5 minutes of working on whatever it is we should be doing, we then find at the 5 minute mark we just keep going and going.  That simple act of taking action has sparked motivation in us which keeps us working away.

So next time you are scratching your head wondering where to find that bit of motivation you feel you are lacking to get a task done, why not just start with a baby step towards that task and you will quickly find that motivation you have been searching for in all the wrong places.

If you love this philosophy and want to hear more of Mark Manson’s thoughts on this topic and more be sure to check out his website

Write a list of small actions you can start taking – choose one each day which can lead on to a day of high productivity and motivation.

Business coaching - can simply taking action lead to an increase in motivation?