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Become an authority in your niche and attract more qualified customers

Attract more customers by becoming an authority in your niche

Authorities in a particular niche create trust and an increased sales conversion rate.

When it comes to being an authority in your niche there are two ways to go about this.  Firstly you can take the time to become an absolute expert in your area by investing time and resources in furthering your studies in the area and also having extensive work experience.   Typically this takes around 10,000 hours of work to reach this kind of level and for most of us we would like to start standing out from our competitors sooner rather than later.

The alternate option, which is a fantastic, faster option for all who are brand new businesses or those on their way but aren’t quite as established as they would like to be, is to become a commentator in your niche.

This is an avenue which I invested a substantial amount of time doing as I first built up the online presence for my bridal gown business and it has proven to give me long term success in moving up the elusive google rankings (I can’t promise this will happen for everyone  however it worked for me and as it doesn’t involve any financial outlay, only time, it is something I recommend everyone try).


Be a well informed commentator and curator

As a well informed commentator or curator in your niche, the premise is to take careful note of what’s going on in your field, identify what would be most relevant for your ideal target market and then share the best material which is being produced from a wide variety of credible sources.  This is by far the best way to quickly and easily create content which is most relevant for your audience.  Now I’m certainly not saying copy this content and attempt to pass the work of others off as your own.  What I’m suggesting is that you use this content from a variety of sources and then review, summarise or comment on this content using your own words and providing a link back to the original information source.

Content could be shared as a direct link and a small comment introducing the content on platforms such as Facebook or twitter, or it could be a more lengthy blog article using your own words and providing your own insights regarding the original content.  Alternatively you may also choose to write completely new content using a few of your source articles or inspiration such as a “top 10” or “best of” article bringing together great content from a variety of sources.


Provide real value for your potential customers

Where value is being provided, readers are sure to start flocking and you can become the place to go for your ideal target market to find the best information in your niche.

This in turn creates warm leads which help to increase sales conversions markedly.  These readers start to build a virtual relationship with you via your content and a level of trust develops which makes them feel much more comfortable approaching you when it comes time for a sale to be made.

Now when I started my first business and worked on this approach I had a very lengthy process of manually clicking over to a variety of relevant websites to check out content for inspiration to share or commentate on, but since then some key players have entered the scene to make life so much easier.   Instead of manually heading to a variety of websites or receiving countless news feeds in your overflowing inbox there are ways to have all of this relevant inspiration content to review all in the one location.

One great tool which I use is Feedly – this is a fantastic portal where you can enter a number of websites, youtube channels or even key words to follow and you can scroll through daily to peruse relevant content to choose which you would like to work with for your own content curation.   This is an incredible time saver and a fantastic source for up to the minute content for you to build your blog content and also your social media posts.

Don’t forget though when posting inspiration images on social media to always gain permission from the source and cite your original source.  It’s also important to mention that it’s inspiration for your readers so they aren’t feeling as though you are attempting to portray the image as your own work.  Those who create products or styling services can get caught where customers feel misled if they mistakenly assume inspiration images are the actual work of the business who posts it.  A simple “Inspiration” and citing the source will avoid this confusion yet still provide a wealth of inspiration for your potential customers.

What ways can you build your authority in the wedding industry? Write down ideas you can start to take action on to grow your value as an expert in the wedding industry for couples who come to your website or social pages.

Become an authority in your niche and attract more qualified customers