Coaching & Mentoring

Work with me one-on-one in tailored in-person or skype sessions which are tailored specifically to you and your needs.  Our personalised sessions can incorporate a mix of both coaching and mentoring to help build a solid foundation for you and your business to absolutely soar!

You may be someone who has some basic business and marketing skills but find that negative self talk or doubt is stopping you in your tracks and preventing you from taking action with your new business; or perhaps you are rearing to go but your experience comes from other fields and you have little knowledge on how to operate a small business.  Regardless of where you are at we can tailor our sessions together to create empowering transformations.

Single intensive session – up to 1.5 hours

(ideal for those who wish to work on one specific skill area or have a single consultation session)


6 session coaching block

(includes 6 x 1 hr one on one sessions – this is ideal for those who are seeking ongoing support and guidance)

All coaching sessions are available via in-person appointments within the inner suburbs of Brisbane or via Skype from absolutely any location.

What is coaching?

Coaching is the process which helps people go from where they are to where they want to be.  In the instance of business coaching, this is taking new business owners from the early days of dreaming and planning to setting solid achievable goals and then working through each of those to build a strong successful small business.

Through one-on-one coaching I will work alongside you to:

  • Help you to discover your vision for your business and your underlying why
  • Stop that self sabotage by squashing those pesky limiting beliefs
  • learn the steps to create goals that you will actually stick to and achieve
  • design capabilities in yourself you never knew you had
  • discover and eliminate your time wasting tasks and develop productive priorities
  • be an unfailing cheerleader, celebrating all of your business journey
  • tap into your peak creativity to bring out your most amazing work
  • and so much more!

What is Mentoring?

Mentoring is a relationship including the sharing of knowledge and skills in a supportive and guiding environment. It is similar to training, however the client decides what they wish to learn, with a nurturing environment being at the forefront.

I am a strong believer of life long learning and am very proud to have taught myself all of the valuable skills to build my own wedding businesses and love to share my insights and skills so that you can take control of your business with a strong sense of independence.

Some of the topics covered during one-on-one mentoring sessions include:

  • Start up business advice including where to find out the latest on registration, taxation and other legal requirements
  • Social media set up and management plans
  • WordPress set up & how to update your website
  • Copywrighting to give your business a professional edge online
  • Cashflow and profit / loss planning
  • Pricing
  • Marketing your business in the most efficient way
  • How to promote your business for as little cash outlay as possible
  • Getting great product / service images
  • Business branding (including graphic design)
  • Selling online
  • Setting up an office / retail premises
  • Time management

Drop me a line to discuss the areas you would love to be nailing right now!