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Feminine WordPress Themes Perfect for a Wedding Business

Perfect wordpress themes for wedding businesses

Designing a website which is appealing to brides is super important as of course this is your first impression with your clients-to-be.  A lot of thought must be taken not only in your branding – logo, images etc but also in the overall design of your website.

As the majority of the time it is the bride doing the wedding planning, many in the industry choose to target women predominantly when it comes to the design of their website.   Even when it comes to the more “manly” side of things such as suits and transportation, it is often the woman who is either doing the initial research or making the final call, so it’s important that your website appeal to the brides as well as grooms.  For those targeting same-sex couples then websites that appeal to both sexes is important.

Research has found that women prefer websites which are predominately white – as in a white background on the majority of the page including logo area, and then scattered images and text on this white background.  It is for that reason that many websites in the wedding industry have shifted to this look to subconsciously appeal to women.  Gone are the days of going for a black background to “appear more luxurious” as these darker backgrounds tend to be more appealing to men rather than women and you want to be a stand out business in the eyes of that key decision maker!  Having said that those websites with darker backgrounds when done well can be a great choice for those targeting men planning weddings.

With that in mind it can be beneficial to appeal to the feminine style, and as we are in the wedding industry this often goes hand in hand with our fabulous brands.  Thankfully for those looking at using WordPress for their website there are soooo many fantastic themes available these days that have a lovely feminine theme.  Some of these themes are completely free, however if you want a more “done for you” feminine look then there are some great premium themes which won’t break the bank.

To get you headed in the right place I have some of my favourites to share, and don’t forget if you need a hand with setting up your wordpress page or new theme I am always here to give a hand.


Lovely Confetti – Ingrid Theme


Lovely Confetti – Jennifer Theme



Restored 316 – Market Theme



Restored 316 – Dainty Theme



Bluchic – Rachel Theme



Angie Makes Websites – The Anna Grace



Hello You Designs – Hello Darling Theme



Hello You Designs – Hello Lovely Theme



Dinosaur Stew – Fairlight Theme


Feminine wordpress themes perfect for a wedding business