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Website vs Facebook Page

Website or Facebook Page for businesses - Wedding Business Coach

This is always a hot question among new wedding businesses – should I have a website or can I get away with just a Facebook page?  Well I thought I’d share my thoughts on this topic today.

I want to start by prefacing that my discussions will be around a Facebook PAGE, as in a business page and not a Facebook users personal page as I completely under no circumstances recommend that wedding businesses of any size use their own personal page as the “face” of their business.

It’s hard when you first set up, right? I mean for many of us we’ve never done this before so we are jumping in without knowing how much everything is going to cost to set up (or whether prices we are budgeting with are reasonable) and is this amazing business idea of mine even going to take off?

It is therefore completely reasonable to consider kicking things off with a Facebook page before launching into the expense of a professional website.  This is particularly the case if you are considering paying professionals to set up a website as it can set you back several thousand dollars and in my humble opinion I do wonder if those dollars are best spent in advertising your business and as it grows you can invest in professional website developers if the set up budget is tight.


Benefits of a Facebook page

I’ll go through the benefits of launching right away with a website later in this post but to start with I’ll discuss some points to consider for those who choose to kick things off simply with a Facebook page:

  • A businesses Facebook page is the face of the business and this is the first (if not only) point of contact for many brides.  First impressions count!  The wedding industry is a saturated market and there are some killer businesses around with their shit together when it comes to an awesome brand.  Before setting up a Facebook page you really need to have your logo sorted as well as a bit of a branding concept – ie which fonts will you use, which colours will you incorporate in all of your design etc.  It’s also essential that you have a couple of great quality images of your work as of course brides want to see what it is that you offer.  With all of this you should also have a professional looking profile image and also header image which helps to spell out what it is that you do and share your style.
  • When it comes to posting on your Facebook page, always keep in mind that this is your virtual store front.  With that in mind keep all content professional and relevant. Please, please, please keep all of your personal rants and your family pictures out of your Facebook business page.  I know it’s super important to build a personal rapport with your clients but this can be done in other ways, without dragging your personal details into the mix.
  • Consider each and every post that you make – if you are a product or service business have a think about what your page looks like to the outsider.  They aren’t a mind reader so the first time they come across your page consider whether they get a good idea of what it is that you offer?  
  • If you are a product business be sure to include regular posts of high quality images of your products along with a call to action about how they can order this from you.  Also be mindful when posting inspiration products which are from another business.  This is a great thing to include in your Facebook page to keep your followers inspired, however keep in mind that they may get a little confused with the post and assume it’s your product when it’s showing up on your page.  And ALWAYS credit the source that any images / work that is not your own came from.  Not only will this help your brides out but it’s mission critical to keep your industry friends on your side.
  • When you set up your page also consider making the most of the “About” section to go through as much information as you can for brides who want to book you for their wedding or purchase their products.

I love Facebook – it is an amazing platform for targeting and reaching relevant brides, however I personally feel that it should be set up in conjunction with a website.  I know for myself, if I were hunting for professionals for my wedding and someone only had a Facebook page I would just assume they aren’t completely “invested” in their business and that they can’t see the value in the time and expense of having a website, so in turn why would I choose them?  With a sea of businesses to choose from, unless they had some sort of incredible product or service that I simply could not get anywhere else I would move on.


Businesses with websites get noticed!  

Not only can you easily use your amazing branding to start to set the scene on your very own website, but you can have pages that easily guide the customer through what it is that you offer and how they can go about purchasing from you.  The other benefit of websites is that google will then have you on their radar – and you MUST be easy to find on google.  Sure google will eventually find your Facebook page if someone is searching for your specific business name, but for those who don’t know you exist yet and are using key word searches to find options, your Facebook page isn’t likely to show up.  I don’t know about you but when I’m hunting for something I rarely use Facebook to search for businesses when google is so darn handy!


But website are so expensive and I don’t know what the hell I’m doing?

I know it can be overwhelming but seriously it’s not all that hard when you get into it.  I’m a massive fan of WordPress for setting up websites.  It really is as simple as purchasing your domain name, purchasing hosting and if you want things to look really professional you then purchase a lovely theme which is kind of the “skin” that makes all of the boring page content pretty for your visitors.  I’ll discuss some of the benefits of WordPress more in future blog posts but there are hundreds of great books and resources online to teach you step by step how to set everything up. 

A website allows you to not only be found easier and give you a really professional virtual store front but it allows you to share the story in depth about how your business came to be and why you are so awesome to work with.  It allows you to have a contact page, to have a newsletter opt in to gather those all important leads. You can also have a gallery of your work and even an online store.

With a website, and it could be a very simply laid out website, even a one page scrolling website, you will have that professional edge to allow your business to get noticed.

If you aren’t sure what you are doing with respect to your website or even how to set up a Facebook business page please don’t hesitate to drop me a line as I’m here to help!

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