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What’s your Unique Selling Point?


You may have seen the term USP floating around as you read about building your business and may be asking what is a USP?  This is your “unique selling point” or “unique selling proposition” and it is what distinguishes you from your competition.

The wedding industry is filled to the brim with businesses, with new ones popping up every day.  It’s a wonderful line of work to be in as you are part of a couples most special day.  However with so many business opportunities available for those who may have little or no experience, it does make it a highly competitive industry to enter in to.  I don’t say this to scare you off, quite the opposite really.  I say it so that you can understand that there could be some hills to climb but I want you to make it to the summit and be one of those legendary businesses who really makes their mark in the scene.


So what makes you stand out from the crowd?

Your Unique Selling Point.  

What it is about you and your amazing business that makes you oh so very special and unique?  This might be that you are the only person in your area to offer a particular product or service.  Or perhaps you may offer the same product or service as another business but you may offer some sort of service that is above and beyond or incredibly different to theirs?


How do you work out what your unique selling point is?  

First of all sit down away from distractions and jot down some notes about what it is that you offer to your customers.  Start generally and then delve in deeper.  To give you an idea I’ll work through one of my previous businesses – Silver Sixpence.

What did Silver Sixpence do?  

Well I was a designer / dressmaker of wedding dresses.  

But when I delve in a little deeper what I actually did was create vintage inspired wedding dresses, and I specialised in tea length wedding dresses. This is a unique selling point as it’s not something that all other wedding dress businesses offer.  

I also offered completely custom gown options, which means that my clients didn’t simply select a dress from a rack, they worked with me to create a one off design that is unique to them.  This is another unique selling point of mine.  

Many bridal gown companies have retail staff or sewing staff, and with my business I made the decision to not expand to this level as I loved the one-on-one experience that my brides and myself shared.  And yes you guessed it, this is another unique selling point of mine, as many brides like this one-on-one level of service too!


Tell couples what it is that makes your business different and special

Once you have worked out what it is that makes your business so very different and special to those around you, you need to then take the next action of spelling this out on your website.  Don’t let brides try and guess why you are better and different – they are busy and that’s all too hard for them.  Tell them!  Include it in your about page, and ensure that these details that make you stand out from your competitors in your eyes are also laid out in the information they are reading about your products and services!

If you are still a bit confused about what your USP is be sure to drop me a line as I’d love to chat with you and help you to discover what your unique selling point is.