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Where are you located? The crucial detail often overlooked on websites

Where are your located? The crucial detail often overlooked by websites

I think we have all been there – we’re on the hunt for the perfect business to solve the problem we currently have (or seeking the perfect wedding vendor in the case of our potential clients) and we’re spoilt for choice as we click our way through options.  Sometimes the pages we are landing on may come from sources other than google and as we scour through their lovely website we realise there is no clear way to know exactly where the business is located.  You click through multiple pages to try and find out if they are located where you are, but to no avail.


Do you have your location listed somewhere on your website?

It seems like a really obvious piece of information to include, but surprisingly it’s one of the most overlooked – whether it be accidental or intentional.  We often think that our target market will be finding us from google and they have no doubt done a search by location, plus of course clever google knows where we are based right?  Well not necessarily!  Pop yourselves in the seat of your dream bride and groom who are clicking away…. they are on the hunt for say a wedding stylist in a particular area.  They get wrapped up in all of your stunning images and your outstanding portfolio however there isn’t information anywhere about where you are – you could be anywhere in Australia (or the world for that matter if it’s a .com not a!).  Now that busy bride and groom also have a number of other tabs open on their hunt and the others have locations – yippee they are indeed all in the same city they are planning their wedding.  

What happens next?

Busy couples who can’t find the information they are seeking will simply move on.  

If they can find another great wedding professional who has all of the information they are seeking right there in front of them they are much more likely to contact them as they have made life a little bit easier for them.

Now some vendors will intentionally leave off their location as they want to give the impression that they are “locationless” and will service absolutely everywhere.  Now that may very well be the case but even so I can assure you that couples will want to know where you are based.  The only exception to this rule would be a vendor who is completely online who posts products anywhere in Australia such as accessories or wedding favours, etc.  Even in these instances it’s handy for couples to know where items are being shipped from to work out timings. 

Photographers and celebrants come to mind when I think of vendors who choose to intentionally not put their location as they are willing to be hired anywhere – but consider the fact that a couple in Perth may be on the hunt for a photographer or celebrant and you are located in Mackay.  Yes you are willing to travel to work at their wedding, but for a cost and the couple will use your location to determine whether the cost to bring you over is in the realm of possibility or not.  Sure, if you are in high demand, constantly booked out and frequently do travel to weddings nationally you may get away with not having the important detail of where you are located in your website, but for the average vendor trying to make ends meet and build their business I really do feel this is a detail not worth omitting.

So take a look at your website from a new visitors point of view.  Click on your home page, your about page, your contact page – can the couple easily discover where you are located as well as the area you service?